First Covenant Trust and Advisors was founded as the only independent trust company in the Tri-Cities, not affiliated with a bank.  We aim to provide individualized fiduciary services to our clientele in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Working together, we can navigate the obstacles and overcome the challenges that stand between you and your goals and help you arrive at success.

Chartered in South Dakota because of the state’s superior trust laws, First Covenant can provide you with the best advantages of South Dakota, with a physical presence close to home.  These advantages include the rule against perpetuities, no income taxes, asset protection trusts, strict privacy laws and flexibility in trust structure.

First Covenant provides a variety of services: we can guide an estate through probate by acting as executor of a will, or we can serve as trustee for a variety of trusts–from basic testamentary trusts, to irrevocable life insurance trusts, to charitable trusts, to complex dynastic asset protection trusts, or as a consultant to a captive insurance company.  First Covenant’s main services include:

  • Personal Trust Services – for nearly all types of trusts
  • Estate/Trust Settlement
  • Estate/Charitable Planning
  • Captive Insurance Implementation

For more information about First Covenant and its services, please visit