Changing Bank Account Information on EFTPS

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July 30, 2013
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Changing Bank Account Information on EFTPS

By Sherri Dugger
Be aware that if you change your bank account information on EFTPS there are several steps that need to be taken to make payments from the new bank account.

The log-in PIN number and password you are currently using will always be associated with the old bank account, and there is no indication on the screen which bank account your payment is being drafted from.

Therefore, you must acquire a new PIN number and password to make payments with the new bank account.

Take the following steps to change and use the new bank account:

  1. Log-in with your usual FEIN, PIN, and password
  2. Select “My Profile”
  3. Select “Edit Financial Institution Information”
  4. Enter your bank account routing number and account number
  5. Select a NEW PIN number for this enrollment and submit
  6. Print the new enrollment information to paper or PDF, and keep for your records.
  7. LOG-OUT
  8. Log back into EFTPS using your FEIN and new self-selected PIN number and select “Need a Password”
  9. Fill in your new bank account information and select a new password.
  10. Use the NEW PIN and Password to have your payments drafted from the new bank account.

The payment history will continue to show all payments made regardless of the bank account used.

To cancel payments from the old bank account, download the Enrollment Termination Form, fill it out, and fax it back to EFTPS.

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