Week 1 – Coat Drive

What is the 50 Weeks of Giving?
January 1, 2011
Week 1 – 253 Coats Collected!
January 12, 2011

Week 1 – Coat Drive


From MeLissa Crockett:

Those of you who were present at the Christmas Dinner in December heard Randy Hensley of Coalition for Kids talk about the blessings of giving to the community and how by giving you will be touched, I experienced that blessing today at lunch.  The homeless coordinator for the JC Schools approached me at the Kiwanis meeting and said “I just want to thank you so much for what your firm is doing this week for the kids.  I am down to one coat in my supply closet and have families in need and because of your Firm, this week I’ll be able to fulfill those needs.”

This is what it’s all about friends.  Helping others, reaching out and giving back.  There will be several families touched by your generosity this week.  Thank you!

From Cathy Peters:

I didn’t have any used coats at my house to give so I went to a consignment shop, Just-In-Style, in downtown Kingsport on Broad Street to pick up a child’s coat.  I saw a friend in the store and happened to mention to her why I was in the store…..that our firm was participating in a coat drive.  I was looking at two different coats, having a hard time deciding which one to buy.   When I went to check out, the coat that I did not decide to buy was on the counter.  The owner of the store said that she had overheard me talking to my friend about the coat drive and wanted to contribute a coat to the cause.  So, I ended up with two coats instead of one due to her generosity and giving spirit.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    It sounds like we’re off to a great start.